Some upcoming concerts

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Music

Hey all! Jonny here to tell you about some concerts coming up that I’m gonna be attending (gonna do some interviews backstage, hang out with the crowd afterwards, etc…).

1) Crud at the Magic Stick, Feb. 13th. These guys are a lot of fun to see live. They interact with the crowd, they interact with each other and there is a definite “Grindhouse” burlesque feel to their show. Check ’em out on YouTube and then I hope you can make it out!

2) Killswitch Engage w/The Devil Wears Prada and Dark Tranquillity at the Royal Oak Music Theater, Feb. 20th. I’m gonna to do an interview with Mike Stanne, the singer of Dark Tranquillity for Bloody-Disgusting. While I’m there, I’m gonna try and interview some of the guys from TDWP and KSE to see how the tour is going, how the new year and the new decade is going for them and what they hope the future holds for them. Keep an eye out for that.

There might be some other concerts in the works. I’ll let you know as I get the information.



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