Posted: June 19, 2010 in Music

     I have been in a very free spirited, ragin (in a good way) kinda mood lately. So, due to my mood, I have been what the youngins call “rocking out” on my drives to work or wherever else I may be going.  So i figured  I would pass along my Top 5 favorite songs to just go crazy to. Put these on and have fun. Just dont do anything illegal.

1. THE HAUNTED – Little Cage  (Very angry song with an awesome message, one of the best vocalists in metal gets you amped all throughout this track)

2. IN FLAMES – Dead End (Great, soothing female vocals that give you a sense of calm, until the lead singer, who is male, comes through and tears you a new one)

3.  ALICE IN CHAINS  –  A Looking In View (Real angry track by my favorite band. From the opening drum beat, your ready to fight)

4. METALLICA –  Shortest Straw ( Amazing opening druming gets you amped. Fast paced, balls to the wall is perfect to pound your steering wheel as you drive down the highway going 90)

5. PANTERA – Walk (Opening guitar riff prepares you for carnage. Vocals by Anselmo are some of his best. You feel his agitation.)


– Bill


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